-What We Do-

Barbara K. Roth CLU, and her associates will work together so that you are constantly covered by a team that knows you.


Specializing exclusively in health, life, disability and long term care benefits, we focus on maximizing personal security, while keeping costs affordable. We guide our clients through a process of examining a wide array of insurance products, to ensure that they are adequately covered for any eventuality.



Optimizing benefits

Optimizing benefits at the most affordable price is an increasingly complex process in today’s environment. Merely looking at premiums is insufficient. Weighing benefits and the degree of cost sharing involved in a plan against the premiums will present an accurate picture of the actual cost to participants and employers.




Understanding client needs

Listening to our clients, and assessing their needs is critical to providing the correct product. It is not enough to sell. It is necessary to fit the client and the need so that the client’s interests are met to the best advantage.



Explaining and educating

It is imperative for clients to know what they are purchasing, and to have a clear picture of the costs and benefits involved in a specific product. Educating our clients is essential to us. If a client is unclear about what they are buying, we have not done our job.





We are available to service our clients for the long haul. We don’t sell and disappear. Giving ongoing customer support is essential to us. Billing and claims issues often plague clients, and we are available to run interference for them.